As first time parents, there were times we couldn't figure out what to do when our babies fussed or whether what we were experiencing with our babies was 'normal'. We didn't know there were products or things we could do that could help make the initial mothering experience smoother. We were, at times, inundated by the sheer expanse of baby products and found it nearly impossible to discern what would be effective for our babies (...especially whilst chugging along on 2 hours of sleep!) We certainly loved every minute of being a new mother, but it wasn't always easy. It could sometimes be overwhelming learning, for the first time, how to decipher a baby's cries whilst creating (and maintaining) a positive environment to bond physically and emotionally with a newborn.  

What we remember the most about the early days, was how lucky we were to have an army of supportive, experienced fellow mama friends who, by being so generous with their advice and suggestions, steered us through the fog - be it introducing us to the world of feeding a young baby on-the-go, waving trusted diaper creams or soothing nursing gels at us (which we had never seen pre-"mom days"!), each of their gifts was based on their own motherhood experience, sharing with us what they anticipated we needed before we even knew we needed them....especially in the middle of the night! 

Our giftboxes seek to now pass the love along to the next new mother by being her 'village' and lending our collective experience with our own little critters.  Each gift box represents our personal trek with our little ones, and our love of quality products that added value and joy to our parenting experiences.

Be it organic creams for sensitive skins or practical tips on the multiple uses of the right muslin cloths, we recognise that having the right products on hand, together with a healthy scoop of love and encouragement, has the power to shape the early mothering experience, so that the new mother can spend more of her time and energy focusing on what is truly important – her baby.

It is our way of standing with all mothers, to remind them that they are not alone in their experiences, and our way of supporting them through the needs and questions of being a new parent while giving them a dose of inspiration and motivation through our personal recommendations and messages. We believe there is beauty in mothers uplifting, motivating and encouraging other mothers and every new mother can always do with a reminder that she's doing a great job - each one of you is our Superwoman!